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The Big Bang Theory with the laugh track removed is just 4 people being mean to an autistic man

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The fact that we’ve seen canonically drunk Sherly makes my life 100x better.

Originally this was just going to be a JOHN NOT DEAD LOL pic but Sherlock looked way too happy, so no he’s hammered :D

May colour this later.


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Okay, but consider this:

S1 ended with John and Sherlock thinking they were going to die together, but then they didn’t, and it took them a good couple months to find their feet again before taking on their first major case since that night, during which John was self-aware enough to be blindingly jealous of Irene, and Sherlock was desperate enough to solve Irene’s puzzle in like 8 seconds in order to impress John with his wits, since Sherlock genuinely thinks that’s all he possibly has to offer (oh god)

S2 ended with John thinking Sherlock was dead, but he wasn’t, and John still wasn’t really over it by he time Sherlock came back two years later, but was self-aware enough to recognize that Sherlock was the best thing that ever happened and likely would happen to him but he needed to move on bc he’d obviously let the opportunity for anything more slip through his fingers; meanwhile, Sherlock has undoubtedly thought of John nearly every moment of every day since The Fall and is incapable of imagining it was any different for John, “what life, I’ve been away” (jfc I’m in pain)

S3 ends with Sherlock knowing he’s going to his death, but not telling John, and John is self-aware enough after Sherlock’s return and him being shot and almost dying again to realize it’s always been useless to fight it, #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives and John is incapable of conceiving of a life anymore that doesn’t include Sherlock as the central feature, so is it any wonder he doesn’t seem to really believe this is truly goodbye? meanwhile, Sherlock just leaves with a feeble joke that’s not really a joke “Sherlock’s a girl’s name—(but) I think it [Sherlock Watson] could work” and a handshake, then gets on that fucking plane with tears in his eyes and the hand that had last touched John’s skin held to his mouth (ah hahaha please kill me)

So clearly S4 is obligated to end with Sherlock thinking John is dead/dying and finally reaching the fucking limit of what he can endure in silence, aka Three Garridebs, that’s the narrative arc of this show, that’s the logical conclusion into which Moffat and Gatiss have written themselves so just give it to us, give us the Garridebs, give it, give us the kiss and the love confession, you’re the only ones who WOULD and CAN give it to us, the only ones who can finally write Sherlock Holmes and John Watson out of the closet for the first time in 128 years, everyone knows the enormity of your ego, Moffat, so just do yourself the favor of going down in television and Holmes-fandom history, never to be forgotten, and just DO IT


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